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the entire process of the small, growing seed that blossoms into a beautiful flower,
the bees tireless flying around with their over-filled pollen socks,
the sublime colour combinations from insects and birds or the radial spores from mushrooms..
it is only a small part of magic i admire so much in nature...
if only the sheer elegance and infinity of color palettes, patterns, textures
and growth forms encircle an immense inspiration source.
along with a fascination for the floral still lifes and the curiosity cabinets of the golden age
i show my take on the simple splendor of mother nature.

trying to capture her beauty into my treasure stories; nurturing has that special meaning to me.
it's all about embracing these little things or moments in life,
things that are unobtrusive.... wavering, or just considered ordinary.
by just retaining their simplicity and imperfections it radiates a tremendous force
..that is enhanced by it’s unique timeless character.

nature always tends to act in the simplest way and so i do
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